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Come Sailing and help clean the beaches in Greece!

Are you adventurous and do you want to make your contribution to making the world a cleaner place?Then join this active sailing holiday where you can help Clean Beach Pirates clean beaches in Greece!

The Clean Beach Pirates is a volunteer organization that cleans up plastic waste found on the beaches of the Greek islands in the Ionian Sea.

You will be sailing on Onan, a schooner 23 meters long. As part of the crew you will helping with sailing, raising the sails, steering and everything to sail her from beach to beach, this will be under the guidance of a very experienced skipper. He knows the region like the back of his hand and he will get you to the best places safely. No sailing experience is required and you can learn as much as you want to whilst on board.

Onan departs from the island of Zakynthos (Zante), from there you will sail to various islands in the Ionian Sea. You will see and visit places not often visited by tourists, unfortunately these are also the places and beaches where there is plastic and rubbish. Along with the crew you will be helping in cleaning up these idyllic beaches and in between the rubbish collecting you will be on the boat learning to sail, enjoying the beautiful Greek waters and scenery, also if you are lucky you will see dolphins and turtles. You will be taken to small towns/villages to experience the Greek way of life and culture. There is a fully functioning galley(kitchen) on board for the preparation of food, eating will be onboard or ashore at special tavernas at some unique locations that few people know of.

The Clean Beach Pirates rent the Onan and pay for the skipper, because of this there are costs associated with your trip and staying on board, but as a volunteer this is at a very reduced rate.

Costs- A Berth on board is 350 euros for a week (this does not include food or drink, which is quite cheap in Greece and fuel). Your travelling arrangements to Zakynthos are at your own expense.

This is an exceptional opportunity for you to make the world a cleaner place while sailing together, making new friends and having a fun time. In short a fantastic and unforgettable experience.

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